Monday, 30 July 2012

Time for Tea

Last Thursday I saw a Tweet from @VictoryTea "Please share with us your great reasons to drink #tea and we'll send you some free! #teatotalthursdays" I replied "@VictoryTea I drink #Tea because I loves it and I’m British #rudenotto" they contacted me for my address and today I received this:
  How cute is this packaging, it seemed such a shame to open it.

 OOOO Its even pretty inside (sorry a bit blurry in my excitement)

  I was shocked to discover 2 packs of 8 tea bags. I was expecting one or 2 bags in a normal envelop.  

The boxes have loads of lovely info about the company and the tea. 
 The tea in the sample is their Blend No1, and you can read more about it here

The Tea is in 2 gold foiled sealed packs

 The money shot.

 Getting there

 Ahhhhh, TEA. 

 I was slightly shocked how pale the tea was, I like a nice strong builder’s brew, but I sampled a bit with a spoon and was pleasantly surprised 

I must admit I did add far more milk than I’d like as my hand slipped but I really enjoyed this brew, I think next time I will try it without milk and have a slice of Lemon. 

My mum who likes a weaker brew than me also enjoyed it and also commented that she'd like to try it with Lemon. 

Just a note, that I have not been asked to write this post about this tea, but as I was so excited by the packaging I thought I’d share. 

I must admit I didn't look at the website until I received this pack, but the pack I was sent is £1.50 to get a sample pack, if you like tea I’d recommend you try it. Try tweeting them on a Thursday you might be as lucky as I was xxxx

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