Saturday, 21 July 2012


This is my own opinion of Evans, no one has asked me to write this but its been something i've been thinking about for a while.

Evans has to me has always had a stigma attached to it, its a Fat persons store, while there is nothing wrong with being Fat or what every word you choose to use, but the fact that it has a captive market for the larger customer, its not just its label sizes that are larger its also the price tag, it not a place for a budget shopper and i also find its not as fashionable as other stores within the same group.

I did go in to the shop on a regular basis and i'd only occasionally buy something, i would go there for boots as i can't get my chubby legs in the regular leg boot (knee length not ankle) and pretty sparkly jewelry that was reduced to £1. My local store closed recently and i'm kind of missing it. 

to get my fix i went into the one in Denton and i was very disappointed the clothes seemed overly frumpy, Per Una on steroids. Frills here, ruffles there, random items that had no real shape that can be described as sacking shaped.

I did notice the What's your shape / dressing for your shape campaign, not after seeing what was in store i was interesting to see what they could suggest, after not seeing any assistants that looks remotely interested in explaining i decided to look on line.

There is an area about the website with a calculator to work out your shape.
The image hasn't brought through the fill thing, but you add in your vital statistics and it tells you your shape. 

I was :

With a link to search for outfits, now i am blogging Live, i've not pre-searched so i am about to have a look at what it suggests and try and find something i love...
The next page takes you to this

So far i like the bag and the shoes and the colour of the top... ok lets shop

I've found 3 things that i Don't mind to like, however i couldn't justify the price on any of them, not even if they were half price. 

I like this shirt / top but for £32 it's very over priced to say i got an almost identical one in Asda for £5.

Oh that appears to be it. maybe i should browes the rest of the website to see if there is anything else i like.

I'm really surprised i've found a few things.

And Finally a dress i did see my my local store but it was only reduced to £30 and i really couldn't justify it, but it's the nicest thing i've seen in there for a while

Why are all these nice things not in store, why is it all crepe trousers and bubble gum coloured shapeless t-shirts and frilly frills. 

Sorry no links, just search dresses on their website.

Years ago there used to be a range called Seven i think and it was a young and funky range but it is sadly no more.
Come on evans we want reasonably priced good quality clothes that are fun and funky and not frumpy and old fashioned. Yes i realise you are trying to cater for a wide market no pun intended but you are not the only place we can shop, supermarkets "normal" ranges now go up to a size 20 -24 they also have fab plus sized ranges for the most part. New Look are getting better every time i go for plus sized clothes admittedly there is still too many frills and elastic necklines for my tastes but its getting there. Primark now goes to a size 20 and other various places also do plus size.

Ok Rant over

Love Stefi


  1. i really love evans i have a great store not too far away with amazing staff the sell the concessions like sienna etc there and i love it. i agree that they are higher priced but they are on a similar price to river island for example. i think maybe its the store that has made me love them i can always find lots of things in there to my style and tastes. i recently went to another town and i must say the evans there was deff lacking so maybe it depends on what sort of store you have near you although it would be good if they all had the same styles in xx

    1. That's really lucky, i didn't even know Evans had concessions until the other night,i'd not checked online as i'd always be put off by what was in the shop, but now i don't have a local store i might be tempted.

      i see your point about RI prices etc, i'm a true budget shopper and guess i was comparing it to DP/ Primark/ supermarkets which are more purse friendly xx


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