Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wooly Tights

Since the weather has cooled down i have dug out my flowery tights from Tesco.

I've worn this pair and a similar one in Navy a couple of times in the past 3 weeks but i've never got round to taking a proper picture. Or if i have i don't remember posting them.
Again i'm wearing the Black dress from Sainburys, when i wore it 2 weeks ago i really wasn't feeling it, last week i wore it and felt a lot more girlie and much better about it.

 As its so cold, i wore it with my M&S via a Charity shop wrap cardie, and to add a bit of colour as i hate all black i wore my Tesco tights
I am finding going back to Ballet pumps rather than boots is helping me feel more girlie.

I also need to lose some weight, i'm never going to be slim but i feel really rubbish about myself at the moment and my clothes don't fit.

i know i've been saying this on and off for years but something has to stop and soon!

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  1. Love those tights! I'm feeling the same at the moment about my weight, I don't feel good at the moment and I need to shift a stone or so to get back to my comfy weight, it's just blooming hard when the weather is pants x


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