Monday, 29 October 2012

Friday I'm In Love

Friday equal dress down day, while i like wearing casual clothes sometimes i wish we didn't have to  do it for work.

I've ruined my New Look jeans, i've worn the thigh through so they need to be binned.

I decided to wear my Denim skirt, i do love this skirt, i got it from Sainsburys a couple of years ago, it was in the sale.

I loved the skirt as soon as i saw it, but the larger pockets put me off initially, but as soon as it went in the sale i decided to snap it up.

I normally wear it on holiday but since i've started blogging i've been wearing it more. 

I teamed it with a sheer shirt i got from ASDA a while ago. i've never worn the top before as it has a tie at the bottom but think it looks odd on me, but another thing i've been doing since blogging is tucking things in, why had i been so against this before!

To make it October proof i wore my grey hoodie from H&M, this is something else i usually take on holiday.
The shirt is really cute, i love the print  
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