Friday, 26 October 2012

Fashion Show

Last Friday i went to a fashion show organised by a local shop and my friend with a sweet shop. 

There were stalls, complementarity vino, dancing by a local dance school and much more. 

This is a picture heavy post so enjoy and feel free to ask any questions
A Selection of sweets from my friends shop - The Choc Box Lees 

Cupcakes from The Hazelnut Bakery

A Crowd shot, the lady in the beige coat and headscarf makes hats, but she hadn't brought any with her and i can't remember her name. 

The next 3 pics were taken by the photographer from the around saddleworth magazine, his battery died do i lent him my camera
The lovely ladies from Oliver Rose salon. 

Back to my camera - I really want one of these Matrix Sets
Jet dance school, they did a few dance and they are amazing
The next few pictures are from the Hosts shop Curious Alice

The Knit and Natter ladies, who meet at the local library to knit and natter had a stall, all their profits go to Dr Kershaws and they are really cute

Ma's Bars who i think i've mentioned before had a stall. I love her stuff. I've only had one bar of soap but i want more. Think i'll be getting the grannis xmas presents from her

Temple Spa - i think this is a bit like Virgin Vie parties of old. An at home spa. I didn't chat long for fear of being signed up to something

Mmmm food these were lush
I didn't get many fashion shows mainly cos the guy from hazelnut bakery was talking to us all the way through it.

A good time was had by all 
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