Wednesday, 3 October 2012

OOTD Wednesday

Since i've switched round my wardrobe I don't need to buy anything for the whole of October. 

Lets hope i keep it up.

Although i've got lots of "new" clothes i decided to wear a dress i wore in this post

In that post titled feeling a bit 90s by mid day i hated the outfit, today i decided to try and make it a bit girly.
 This is a really bad shot but i couldn't wait to put my pj's on to re-take it. 
 The cardie has cute little dragonflys on it and really pretty buttons. i bloody love buttons
I also wore a necklace and bracelet i got for xmas. these are really bright red, i had to take the picture with the flash on so i think this is a distorted picture.

i don't know where this set is from, knowing la mama it will be a supermarket. The necklace had a knot in it when i got it, not sure if it was meant to be in it, it was too short and bulky with the knot in so i undid it. it really reminds me of kidney beads but i still love it. 

I also wore tights from M&S and shoes from either Tesco or M&S - they are hand me downs from the mothership and the inside label has worn off.

Dress - Sainsburys - Size 22 £10
Cardie - Tesco - Size 20 £? i can't remember
Necklace / Bracelet - Mama
Tights - M&S outlet £3 

I felt so much better about this dress, i felt girlie and it made up for my bad styling last time i wore it.

It has also made me realise its not good for me to wear all black.

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