Saturday, 6 October 2012

All in a hard days work

i'm giving up on OOTD in the title what do you think?

Today was German Culture day at work. I walked in and there was a few German Flag bunting dotted round the office.

At 10.30am the market ting team brought in Rye Bread, Cheese and Meat as well as Haribo and Kinder Chocolate. 

By the time i got to the kitchen all the cheese had or should that be Kase? had gone, i had some MEEEAAAAT, haribo and me no like kinder chocolate. 

We had noticed bottles of beer in the fridge but no one took any notice, at 4pm we got an email to say the beer was to be opened and there were some small glasses. not to have a bottle each as there wasn't enough and it was very strong! 
 in my old job there was a very strict drugs and alcohol policy, you couldn't even have a beer in your lunch time on a Friday or at your xmas team meal, if you were coming back to work. in my new job they actively give us alcohol. This is about the 3rd time i've been give it to drink at my desk and all the works do's are free bar for a limited ehem all night. 
 We were going out after wprk to celebrate one of my friends moving to Manchester so it started the night off.

We went to Slug and lettuce in Spinningfields first then over to Las Iguanas on Deansgate for some food, we then headed up to Albert Square for the Oktoberfest celebration and had a couple of cocktails (£6 and £2 cup deposit) on the plus side they were yummy. The also sparked tonights catch phrase - show us your pineapple
 I've edited the about picture to cut a colleague of of it, as this blog is mine and twitters little secret its only fair not to put them on here.

I did take the below picture on self timer when i got home, it didn't look burly on camera itself and i ripped by clothes off and put my PJs on pretty much as soon as the shutter went so i didn't re-take it.

Jeans - Sainsburys Size 22 £9 Approx
Vest - Peacocks Size 20 - part of a set
Top - Primark Size 18 - at least 6 years old.

I also wore my Tesco chelsea boots, i can confirm i hate the with jeans. I almost always wear boots with jeans but they just don't look right.

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