Sunday, 14 October 2012

Food Glorious Food

While i am home alone i get to cook for myself something i love doing. 

It also means i tend to be cooking things for the next day or so. 

I seem to be organised every other day

this is my take on an Extra Easy Lasagne. 

The original recipe comes from the below cook book
These days i tend to make up the meat part (this also works well with quorn for a green day) 

I cook off which ever veg i have chosen to use. 

In this edition i am using a large white onion a few mushrooms and a large carrot.
 If i'm using a big pan i'd chuck the mince in once the veg had softened but as i was using the small frying pan i removed the veg cooked the mince separately, adding in Worcester Sauce, mixed herbs and tomato purée. once the mince was cooked i added back the veg and a tin of chopped tomatoes, brought up to the boil, tasted then added some pepper and ketchup. 
 I then let this simmer for around 20 mins to thicken up, then i took it off the heat and allowed to cool slightly. i find this makes it easier to layer up in the dish.
 The white sauce is really easy to make, it is a large tub of natural fat free yogurt, mixed with 2 large eggs and a pinch of nutmeg

Layer up the meat, lasagne sheets, white sauce then repeat. I only do 2 layers. The recipe says to add cheese to the final topping  but as i haven't got any i didn't. i don't think it needs it. 
I cooked it in the oven at 180C for about 30 mins, it looks slightly burnt but it won't taste it. 

This also takes miles miles better the day after. 

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