Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mr Bombastic

A while ago me and a friend treated ourselves to some items from Lush

 It is a while ago admittedly and maybe the product had gone off so don't let me influence you, i just want to share my experience 
 We each got a frog bath bomb, i can't remember how much it was but i'd say arounf £3. pretty much as soon as i bought it we started to have a new bath room fitted and the bath bomb got put in a safe "never to be seen again" place until last week, maybe frogs hibernate over the summer?
 I ran a bath and prepared to launch Mr Frog  - god speed Mr Frog
 Admittedly i had watched a video on you tube earlier to know what i was expecting
The You Tube clip i saw had bubbles, blue green and red spilling out of him.
 I was to say the least underwhelmed.
This could be because i'd had mine a while and he'd lost his je ne sais quoi
I had to give him a swirl which lead to mucho girly screams as i can't cope with lumps, unknowns in water (when i was a child i demand the water in my paddle pool (yes that is the right name - in my world) changing if i got even 1 blade of grass in it  
 I knew there was a surprise to be had in the form of my "handsome" Prince
 The first review of this product i ever read had a prince name Scott and since buying this i was hoping my prince was Scott. long story, pretty boring.
 I had to scramble around the bath till i fished him out there is no way i could have got in until i knew all bits had been removed.

Another reason i go-ogled reviews first was to see if any one mentioned the state of the bath after using the product. i didn't see anything, having a new bath and the product being a bright co-lour i was worried it might be an effort to clean up. but i was pleasantly surprised. The water isn't all out on this picture but i just need a swill round with the shower.
I can't actually remember what this product claimed but a few people have mentioned it dried their skin out, it hasn't done that to me and my legs felt pretty soft afterwards

However i was Itchy, and not just a bit i mean to the state where i couldn't sleep.

i felt like my skin needed to be ripped off. 

I used to suffer badly with eczema and still get it on my hands, but since using the bath bomb i have the eczema tingle all over and my hands are going yo explode in it any day now. 

The product smelt amazing but slightly marred by the fact i had to slather myself if betnovate pretty much as soon as i got out of the bath.

Now i know what you are thinking why use a product like this if i am sensitive to eczema well, i rarely get bad reactions to  bath products and i was assured by a member of staff she has eczema in winter as well and she loves this product and never had a reaction. 

I personally won't be using this or any other Lush bath Bomb again but i would try other products 


  1. Lush products are made from fresh ingredients, so they do have a short shelf life. You have to use them within a few weeks to get the results they're designed for, as they do go off and can cause bad reactions to the skin. I shop from Lush all the time and have never had a bad experience with their bath products when used within a couple of months of purchase. I have had bad reactions when accidently using products past their use by date though! Give them another try before swearing off them because their products really are amazing!

    1. Thanks for you comment, i've used face masks without issues but after speaking to my mum about this she's told me i've always had issues with bath bomb type products and bath salts since i was small so think its more me than them.

      after the itchiness i suffered i think i will be staying away from them from every make and not just lush from now on x


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