Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Woman at Tesco

This wasn't a concious choice to be woman at tesco, however i seem to have achieved this. 

This morning i had a choice to make between 2 dress black or purple. 

its not that i only own 2 dresses i have a wardrobe full of them but i have pulled out a weeks worth of clothes to try and get me wearing my wardrobe up.

I was organised i took pictures. sadly my camera keeps corrupting my memory card so i quickly re-took these and i apologise as the quality is shocking,
 I actually wore jewellery for work today, i wore a bracelet and necklace that i got for Xmas last year. i'm not sure where they are from, i suspect sainsburys.
 The dress in real life is more of a violet purple than the plum colour on the below pictures, but i love it.
 I'm not afraid of colour as a fattie, infact i feel a lot better in colour rather than all black.
Please ignore the mess and the cat ^ i should have cropped this picture but as i'm on the net book it was far too much effort.

I did also wear a cream belt that i got from the fat swap in Leeds a few weeks ago but i had to take it off after lunch.

The dress, leggins and vest are all from Tesco bought at various times over the past couple of years.

Dress F&F Size 20
Vest F&F Size 20
Leggins F&F Size unknown

My only negatives for this dress is that the self belt is sooooo long i have to wrap it round twice and tie it at the front and the wrap over top gaps and i'm always showing the interfacing. Plus it needs a vest to save your modesty.

I am also trying to not buy any clothes in October. I'm not sure how long it will last but worth a try.

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