Monday, 22 October 2012

Mafia Moments

This is what i wore on Thursday.

The picture was taken on Tuesday night when i had a trying on session so i wore a vest under the Horses head top, or as my la mama has taken to call it the Mafia Top.

I didn't wear the beads and i wore better tights that didn't cut my belly in two.
 I thought i'd show you a back shot as this top is only connected at the top and has a huge gaping gap at the back. which came as a shock as i hadn't noticed when i bought it.
I wore a white cami from Encuentro (the one hanging off the lamp) under it and a black waterfall front cardi from Matlan to try and cover the back of the top.

I do love the print of the top but think it will be a weekend top and not for work, i spend half the day tucking the tails back into the skirt

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