Saturday, 13 October 2012

Washing My Hair

A while ago i went to an opening night of a local hair dressers, we each received a goodie bag - got to love a goodie bag right?!

I was a little disappointed to find only a price list, a couple of celebration sweets and a sachet of shampoo and conditioner.

I know i shouldn't be greedy and to be honest i wasn't expecting anything.
The sachet has been on the side in the front room ever since.
In the interest of this blog and the fact i'm not liking the shampoo we've got in the bathroom at the moment i decided to try it.
I am in love really and truely it is love, so much so i have been googling it and almost bought some today.
Apologies for all the photos but when i read beauty posts they always seem to take a picture of the product from a distance or just the name of it, i like to read the back etc.
Matrix is a brand i've pretty much always been aware of but only in the hairdressers, not something i would ever purchase even after the hairdresser using it on me. 

But i think i need this product. do you use Matrix products? where is the best place to buy this from and how much should i expect to pay? (UK prices please?)

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