Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Saturday Night at the Curry House

On Saturday night I went for a Curry with 2 of my friends, its the curry house i went to for the VIP night last week. 
I am desperate to have my hair cut but i have realised by hair is now long enough to fit in the Primar BIG bun ring
Why have i got ginger roots? my hair is naturally very dark brown!
I have some issues of the layers not making it as neat as i'd like
I wore some make up, I rarely wear lippy although i own lots but a couple of weeks ago i got MUA shade 1 and i love it so i'm wearing it at all available moments. Top picture no flash below with flash
I aslo used Naked eye make up, benfit Hula bronzer and rimmel mascara and a MUA glitter eye liner. My eye brows desperately need taming but last time i had them done they were a bit thin so trying to hold off as long as i can and get them done at the end of the month (got 2 weddings)
I wore a dress from NewLook - the belt came with it
I recently re-discovered this necklace it was only a cheapy from Primark but i love love love it. it might not exactly go but that will not stop me from wearing it.

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