Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Simply Be Manchester

***Picture Heavy***

On Thursday the new Simple Be store had its official ViP opening. 

The store opened for business last Saturday and i did nip in mid week to say Hi to my friend who works there so i'd had a bit of a cheeky sneak peek. 

I noticed a few people on Twitter saying they'd been invited so i tweeted to see if it was invite only or if anyone could turn up, luckily anyone could go. 

We arrived about 5.45pm and there was already a queue. i noticed Rachel in the queue and sent her a tweet to say "I can see you" luckily she turn and waved at me and not report me as a stalker. 

As i went in i confused the girl on the door by trying to show her a twitter message, alas it meant i couldn't have a goodie bag. **Insert Sad Face** to be fair i hadn't expected one. 

As i stepped into the store i was greeted by name (nice touch) and took to Rachel and some other bloggers. I'm so rubbish at getting names and introducing myself. I have no idea who they were or their blogs. I'm sure i follow them on Twitter and read their blogs. 

Charlotte (I hope thats her name) from the Simply Be FB and Twitter  pages said she'd try and get me a goodie bag if there were any left over and there was!!! my first proper goodie bag and will have a post of its own!

They gave the OK to take photos and i might have gone a tad over board! ops

I'd planned to just blog my favourite selected photos and do a main FB album. 

I loved pretty much everything so there are a fair few pictures in this post. 
How amazing are there Wellies?!
Handbags sqeeeeeee
I need this Satchel in my life, i've shown it to my mum about 10 times, i'm really hoping she has a quiet word with Santa ***HINT HINT***
If not i'll have this one

Or any of these
What i really liked about tonights opening, was they had all the staff in the clothes they had in store and they had a couple of people in the same outfits. They had a mix of body shapes and sizes in different styles which really helped me to see what would work on me and things that didn't wow me on the hanger looked impressive on people

I adore this dress and i'm so tempted to get it but sadly i can't justify buying any more dresses at the moment.

I might have to try it on at some point.
I love the AX Curve range, its really young and funky

My Friend wore the flowery dress below and it looks amazing on, when she pointed it out to me the other day i was a little under whelmed but it really suited her.

Oooo look its Rachel, i love her style and look at her handbag.
I was really impressed with the range of coats, i'm a very tactile person and have always been put off ordering online as i like to feel the fabrics before i buy.

I love the dress below, i don't think i'd wear the peach one, but the teal is one of my fave colours

I can't decide which colour i like best. I'm going to try a pair of these on next week and i think my first purchase will be the forest green ones, or the red or or or or 
I love the owl top, at first site i thought it was a nighty (the pink shoes to the left of the picture have a slipper like quality which added to my confusion)
I've not been a massive fan of any of the Joe Browns items i've seen on line but seeing them in store makes me much more likely to try them. This jumper has also gone on my Xmas list.
I'm sure i was a magpie in a previous life, anything that sparkles gets my attention

I looked round the store and at every turn i saw something else i liked. The dress below is stunning. 

As i came out of the changing rooms one of the shop assistants said had i seen Kim Marsh, i said no i didn't think she'd arrived. i got told to turn round and i had been practically back to back with her Doh!!!

I was going to try and take a picture of her but she had to hold a baby, i didn't feel right taking a picture of a strangers baby espcically blogging the pictures

Kim cutting the ribbon

Sorry there are so many pictures, have you been to the store yet? 
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