Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rocky Road Off

Last week at work we bought a rocky road cake from Tesco, this was basically chocolate sponge cake topped with chocolate gunky and marshmelo. 

Now that is't a pretty picture but it was good, but it just wasn't Rocky Road. 

This got us talking about hoe people make it and i had to admit i have never made it before. 

After lots of discussion i decided i had to make it.

 Weekend sent me to Home Bargains to stock up on tasty treats, a lad a work said i had to use dark chocolate but after much pinning of recipes i decided it had to be Milk chocolate. 
 I did buy 2 bars or dark chocolate at the last min as a compromise. 
 It looks so beautiful. my main reason for milk chocolate was because the dark chocolate recipes said to add butter and golden syrup. I also got whole nut as since i decided to make it i had decided to put hazel nuts in it but they are quite expensive to buy a pack, good compromise. 
 For the filling, there is a lot of choice. traditional... narh!

i don't do traditional. i have used. Huggy Bear Biscuits, one bag crushed and one bag whole.

Cadburys chocolate pretzels
Cadburys chocolate pop corn 
mini mallows
white chocolate buttons
 How pretty does it look?

 I just hope it tastes as good as it looks
Final steps put in the fridge for at least 2 hours - mine has been in 2 hours and no where near set so leave as long as you can resist.

Finally - deep clean kitchen

oh and you might want to take a shower if like me you are head to toe in chocolate.

not sure how that happened!

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